See these are my things DO NOT TOUCH, Phinnias!

Well, this is technically Cass's blog, but I use her account. Cuz I'm lazy and hopeless with social sites. My name's Ricky. I live in New York, no where near where Cass lives. I do know Cass, tho. I'm not a hacker...ever...I wouldn't hack some twelve-year-old girl's account, I'm not evil! Jeez.


So, who's this "Webkinz Lion" I keep hearing about?
The Webkinz Lion is my alter-ego. It's Cassidy's. I used it at first because, well, I didn't think anyone would read my blog if it wasn't interesting. I've got animal names for all my family, after Cassidy's Webkinz. She used to collect them. D.A. is Dalmi, she loves Dalmations anyways, Treasure is my brother Corey, now everyone calls him that, it's after her black cat, and, well, Nikki is Cassidy's chihuahua. The lion IS real.

Who's this Cassidy chick?
Ah, Cassa. Me and Cassidy are friends, good friends, even though currently, we are having a bit of a fight. She's twelve and owns this account and blog. She lives in another state (not glorious New York) and hooked me up here, giving me an alter-ego of the lion.

How'd you meet Cassidy?
Me and Cass met when I was nine. I went to her church for a while, and she befriended Nikki. She's lost contact with Nick, but we're good friends now, since Nikki's off at school. I still see her sometimes, I visit on Feb. Vaca, Xmas break, and summer break almost every year.

Who is Joey-Joe?
Joe is my best friend (except Cassidy and Leanna) who lives in a family of snobs and polite-o-holics. He's fifteen, and a grade below me. He's my neighbor. Joey's full name is Joesph Joe-Mark Maxple, but he's got a million middle names.

What is Chabigail?
Ha, Chabigail books are written by my pal Cassidy, and she sends them to me. I like them.

My name is Richard Gregory Kingston, (Often called Kinzton for the sake of the lion) and I'm a sixteen-year-old spoiled rich kid living in New York, near Broadway. What address, I shall not share. I'm in tenth grade, go to GWH, and my birthday is February 18th. I like writing, reading, my Dell laptop, the Wii, playing my guitar, singing, singing more, singing with my sisters, and tormenting my lovely brother Cornelius, known as Treasure. (Never EVER call him Cornelius.)