See these are my things DO NOT TOUCH, Phinnias!

Well, this is technically Cass's blog, but I use her account. Cuz I'm lazy and hopeless with social sites. My name's Ricky. I live in New York, no where near where Cass lives. I do know Cass, tho. I'm not a hacker...ever...I wouldn't hack some twelve-year-old girl's account, I'm not evil! Jeez.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm sorry, universe

My last post was a bit of an oh-I'm-a-really-moody-teenager-and-the-whole-world-hates-me-so-back-off-I'm-gonna-take-all-my-anger-out-on-you post. Yeah, I probably sounded mean. The truth is, it's okay now that I'm staying home. At least while I'm at home I get to go to work.

Ah, joy.

Yeah, Walmart ain't the crowned jewel, but it's better then trying to get this mop of hair under control. Does it EVER get out of my face? Stupid hair. Once I straighten it to make it less crazy-curly, it falls in my face and blinds me from anything NOT bonfire red. UGH!

My family has the best hair. I think the gorgeous hair fairy skipped me in my family. Jamie's silky, wavy, milk-bottle blond hair, Treasure's looks-great-whatever-you-do-with-it, nearly-blue-it's-so-black hair, even RITA's hair (yes, my own twin sister's hair) is a beautiful strawberry-blond moppet hairdo. Even Phin's brown frazzle-burst of hair is better then whatever the heck this thing is on MY head.

The reason we all look different is because most of us have different mothers. Yeah, family problem, not yours.

You can do anything with Treasure's hair. It's like that one pair of jeans that go with anything. When he was fifteen, it was spiky, choppy, and looked really punk-rock-star. Sixteen, it was smooth and almost Justin Beiber. (Who I find hideous) Last year, fork-in-socket spiked because of his EARRING. Now, it's long, shiny, cool, almost concealing the perfect green eyes.

And then there's me, who sulks for hours because of the stupid hair I got.

My family's all so nice and normal. It's too bad I'm there to ruin it for them.

I feel like life hates me right now...

Which it does, because I'm not going to see dad and SM. And that's because our flight got canceled and Tres's clearly NOT going to pay for another flight because, Ricky, because you can go some other time and that is FINAL, sir!

Here's how our conversation went:

Treasure (on telephone): Uh huh...well, do we get our money back? See, we payed for the tickets...oh. Well, you won't be getting MY service again. Goobye, miss! (hang up) **** plane line, they don't give a **** to the cutomers, they just go out and cancel the ****in' flight!
Ricky: Wait, what? Don't we get to take the next flight or something?
Treasure (grabbing coat): They won't refund out money, end of story. I have to get to work, if anyone comes to the door-
Ricky (interupting): Say that you're in the ****in' shower, oh my gosh! I'm sixteen, Cornilious, I know what to do. (Flips out laptop and starts logging on)
Treasure: Would you like to spend the rest of the day in your room?
Ricky: No, your highness.
Treasure (glares at Ricky): Then behave until Jamie's home from the store. And we are done today, sir.
Ricky (frustraited): Oh my gosh, I'm gonna call DSS on your! (Treasure rolls eyes) And can't you just buy me and Rita some more plane tickets?
Treasure (half out the door): I'm going now, if my wife calls, tell her that I'm at work, and I'm NOT going to pay for another flight because, Ricky, because you can go some other time and that is FINAL, sir!

Yeah, my relationship with Treasure is just as wonderful as it's always been. We're like freakin Andrew and Reggie. And those stars up there are covering up for unpleasant things we said. Okay, bye. I think I hear the phone ring. Maybe it's someone telling me Treasure got killed in a car crash or something. Peace out.

Monday, February 21, 2011

It's VACA TIME!!!!

Everybody celebrate the vacationness!!! I have a day off from work and a week off from school! HOORAY! Yeah, I was lucky enough to get the day off. But I'm spending the rest of the week with my dad in Kentucky, so I won't be posting much. Me and Rita get to go down for a week. Pretty cool, huh?

Called Cass this morning around seven AM, she explained to me how would I like it if she called me up before she woke up and how some people are fortunate enough to have their own cell phones that vibrate and not a home phone that obnoxiously rings.

I got all that...?

Okay, I have to finish packing for Dad and SM's. (SM for step-mom.) Buh-bye!

Friday, February 11, 2011

New blog!

Two posts in a row, don't faint all at once!

Okay, I did some fixing-up to my blog, and it is now titled Welcome to New York! Who doesn't love this? It's a lot better-looking now, too. Do you guys think I should move to another blog or create another one?

It's Vamalumtimes this Monday, and I got Lee a box of candy and some flowers. I hope they don't wilt or anything. (I mean Valentines, you'd have to get the reference from Cassidy's younger sister, Corrina, she'll explain it to you) I love Vamalumtimes, even though Cassidy hates it. Cassa says that she had a weird Valentines day once.

I have to get to work now, I hate Walmart so much. Worst job ever. EVER. Umkay, bye guys! :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Schooling: report cards

Okay, I know Cassidy's homeschooled, and so was T-WAC. But you'll just have to listen to me make my comments.

Report cards are either a horror show or a sigh of relief for kids ages 6-17. You practically die with suspense. Did I get a D, a B, or an A in calculus? How about the nightmare known as American History? Let's review some of our cards.

Treasure (or, for you new readers, his name is Corey, we call him that): Treasure goes to college now, but let's see his, oh, every one. Treasure's pretty much straight Bs. Like, ever. Only once did he get an A, in Algebra 1 in eighth grade. (Ooh, not Algebra 1!!!)

Rita: Rita's last report card was a terror. Jame totally flipped her head off when she saw the five Ds and F in Home Ec. This is pretty much her worst year EVER.

Nikki: Nikki goes to private, Hispanic school to help with her and Moll's language. (Hint: they're adopted and, whene they first came here two years ago, didn't know how to speak English) Nikki gets a lot of As, she's pretty smart. Moll gets As and Bs.

D.A.: Dorothy Anabelle (around here is Dalmi, known for love of dalmations, but we'll now say D.A., for sake of now I have readers) got one A, two Bs, one C, one D, and one F. The odds of that happening: Really, REALLY small.

Jamie: Well, Jamie doesn't really GO to school. What self-respecting almost-twenty-year-old girl is going to? True, she could go to college. But I don't see that happening.

Joey-Joe: Must I clarify, Joe is a straight-A genius, a whiz kid, and a brainiac.

Uh, Tim: I'm running out of interesting people. Tim is Joey-Joe's thirteen-year-old brother, in eighth grade. He gets Cs. He's totally averege.

ME: Well, er, my last report card contained: Ds in English, calculus, English AB, and PE, a C in social studies, and a B in chemistry. Who doesn't hate calculus?! In my defence, I take notes on my Iphone, and I was all out of minutes. Grrr.

Cassidy: Cassidy's going back to public school, and I'm willing to bet that she'll get mostly Bs and Cs, because she's failing Algebra, but in everything else, she's not doing as horribly as me.

Well, speaking of school, the homework calls. I have to write a report for English (AB) about the presidants. That sounds SOOOOO exciting. buh-bye

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My life, as of this right now.

School was cancled today because of snow. I've been watching Sesame Street with Phin and Buddy and it's driving me crazy. Jamie made me help with laundry and stuff. I dunno where Captain I-Rule-The-World went. He hasn't been around in days. Ouch, should I mention this to Jamers?

I always think it's kinda funny how Cass has a stuffed turtle named Phineas and I have a brother named Phineas. She spells it weird though. Phinnias. Odd, eh?

Thank God for snowplows! Otherwise, it'd be a shovel to me and Rita and Kate since we have, like, nothing to do. Nikki has a book report, and Skip-Balm's no help because he has the chicken pox somehow and he's in bed. There has been zero chicken pox going around, so I bet he'll infect all of NY in about two days. Great.

I've been on the phone with Joey-Joe and his younger brother, Tim, all day. (Cassidy said she knows a kid named Tim...wait, is this the same older to her friend as T-MATH? I'm sorry, T-WAC? Might be separate...let's see, Jessica has a younger sister, and her blond friend has a bunch of little siblings. Zach's older brother is named Anthony, and Ozzy, Liam, Krista, and Abbey don't have older brothers.)

Cassidy's got all these crazy friends. And the weird thing is, like, all of them live in, er, her state. AM I THE ONLY PERSON YOU KNOW IN NEW YORK? Well, except for that nice girl Loulou. Loulou, if you're ever in New York, tell me. Because we could, like, hook up or something. ;)

Sorry, woah! That was not appropriate! At all! I'm sorry! I don't know what that was about. Please never ever ever ever ever ever mention that to anyone, Loulou. I've got to remember that T-WAC, who appears to be either a high-school graduate or a sixteen-year-old, which one, if you may confirm, is not the only one reading this blog!

Yeah, T-WAC, how come on your blog that it says you're a college student as well as a sixteen-year-old? Ooooohhhh, are you one of those people who homeschool, like Cass? Yeah, I wish I could try that. I'm sixteen, but, like, y'know, in tenth grade. Yep. My older brother WAS going to college, before he vanished.

Okay, I'm done rambling at you. Bye.