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Well, this is technically Cass's blog, but I use her account. Cuz I'm lazy and hopeless with social sites. My name's Ricky. I live in New York, no where near where Cass lives. I do know Cass, tho. I'm not a hacker...ever...I wouldn't hack some twelve-year-old girl's account, I'm not evil! Jeez.

Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm purdy shure ya can't do that.

Hello all.

So, yep, school has started. What fun. What OMIGOSH I HATE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!

Sorry. Heh.

So, anyways, I'm pretty sure I'm NEVA going to see Cassidy unless she calls me back, and that doesn't look like it's happening any time soon. I only text her like a bazillion times a day. And she never responds. Cuz she's a jerk. And has her "own friends that she wants to be with."

Whatever. They simply cannot be as cool as me.

So this morning I get home to find out that Treasure is screaming into the phone, Jamie is talking to Bridget, and my brother Arnie is all up-in-my-face, going "Guess what Treasure did? Guess! Guess!"

I'll guess.

Turns out Treasure somehow got a house. He bought it with Dad's credit card.

The house is in New Mexico.

Why anybody wants to move to New Mexico, I don't know. I would like to, just to escape. But Treasure has his house. That he stole from Dad. In NM. In some town called, like, Person or something. Maybe Human, I dunno, some kind of name that's stupid like that.

And so he's on the phone, screaming his butt off, trying to get Dad to let him go. To his illegally purchased house. In New Mexico. With Bridged and Rammundace.

Dad said that Woah, now, son, you've got my kids to take care of up there. Treasure said that, Yeah. You come take care of 'em. They're YOUR kids, Daddy.

So Dad says a bunch of bad words and then hangs up on him.

And then goes and gets his cash back.

So Treasure does NOT have a house in New Mexico.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


My summer just, like, went by! School starts on Monday! ARG!!!!!!

So I got my class schedule fo my Junior year (high school, sadly).

A Block: Gertswidg, Mary, Homeroom.
B Block: Black, Cara, Pre-Calc
C Block: Turner, Micheal, PE
D Block: LUNCH
E Block: Washington, Lucas, Biology
F Block: Marshe, Luisa, English
G Block: Kerminne, Jessica, Spanish

So I think that it's slightly ironic that my English and Spanish classes are back-to-back. And also that my bio teacher is named Lucas and my English teacher is named Luisa. Ha. Funny.

This summer really was just one big electronic. I'm serious. On the laptop, on the Wii, on the phone, blah, blah, blah. Cassidy has just had SUCH a fun summer, at camp, at friends houses, with Krista, with blah blah blah.

What did I do? I got my Facebook page removed.

Yeah I know. Treasure was all, "You don't need to call Cassidy. I don't care a **** about your broken phone. Go Facebook her."

"Facebook is so retarded."

"Fine then. You don't need one."

And so that's how my really mean brother just cut my fb page. And now I have to get a new phone, too.

So this is an update: Joey-Joe is closing his pool. Boo. My summer is over. Junior year, here I come.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Thank God for Joey-Joe's POOL!

Okay, so, after long debates with Cassidy, there is no way we'll be getting to see each other over the summer. Her family is too busy to have me over and I can't afford to fly. My family is way too lame to have her over and, besides, she'd need car rides or a plane ticket and that ain't happening. Man, I never get to SEE her anymore! Stupid local friends who take up all of her time.

I miss you.

Anyways, summer is okay. About the pool, last night, Joey-Joe's older sister, Tracy, who is the QUEEN of parties, and her boyfriend, Rico, who is the KING of parties, has this awesome party and I got to go because Rita was invited. They've got this wicked awesome pool.

Oh, gosh, I have work in seven minutes! LATER!!!!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm back...uh-gain.

Okey dokey, I'm a lousy writer. I know. But between be being way too busy and being grounded again because APPARENTLY I've been using Treasure's credit card to buy apps for my phone that APPARENTLY I'm not supposed to buy with somebody else's credit card, I have just totally slacked off! Man, I am lazy.

So, my friends, what has everybody been doing? I got off school on the twenty-third (who here has heard that song June 23rd by gRRR? So funny) and have been in between work, groundedness, and Leanna for days now.

Yeah, work still sucks eggs. (Expression from Cassidy) Walmart is the lamest job ever. Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame.

OH MY GOOOOOSH I AM SOOOO BORED! Jamie's been bringing us to church again. OH MY GOOOOOSH I WANT TO GO TO LUKE'S CHURCH!

Everybody knows about that, right? Treasure's friend Luke goes to this wicked awesome church down somewhere near Hell's Kitchen...Jamie is the kind of person who likes, I dunno...not fun churches.

Who out there is with me that churches should have a teen program and not just an old-lady booksale every month? I AM!!!

That will be all. Okay, my phone is beeping. Buh-bye.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I am SO sorry that I've been away for, what, about two months?

Well, gosh, it all started when Cass decided to not use the computer or whatever. Now, usually, I would not have been able to make it for a month without internet. But whenever I went to open up the posting thing, I felt really guilty. So I decided that I wouldn't die.

Boy, am I stupid.

So, yeah, I thought that I could explain that, but then I acidentally kinda was really mad at Jamie so I kinda decided to take a knife and slash the tires on her car, yeah, major mental moment, I know. So now I feel really guilty about that.

But good ole Katie saw me and she reported me to Treasure who threw a fit and grounded me from the computer and phone for ANOTHER TWO WEEKS!

So, yep, my punishment has been over for a while, but I'm busy with Algebra and American History finals, not to mention my final chemestry report! Ugh, school stinks.

Oh, and Cassidy posted some videos to YouTube, seriously funny. She showed me, her friends are weird. Okay, so, gotta go. Check those vids out, btw. Bye

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Last night, I was hanging around at Joey-Joe's house, texting Cass (who, by the way, informed me that she won't be coming up here to NY any time soon because she's SO busy with her friends who, like, live there. Pshaw. Stupid locals) and eating their Trader-Joe's-brand food. So Bridget pops in all oh-Ricky, and I knew that there was a problem.

See, guess what? Remember Rammundace? Bridget and Corey's adopted kid? Well, they're going out to some restaurant and then going to a hotel. So here's our conversation.

Bridget: Oh, Ricky, can you do me a big, big favor?
Ricky: Define "big."
Bridget: As in, watch Ramon when me and Treasure leave for the night big.
Ricky: Miley-
Bridget: Miley is on a date with Oatmeal. (NOT REAL NAME, fyi)
Ricky: Jamie-
Bridget: Jamie is watching the rest of your lot.
Ricky: Cassidy-
Ricky: Kay kay fine geez I'll watch your stinkin' kid omigosh you people HATE me don't you?
Bridget: Thanks Rickalot! Later.

So she dumps me with her kid but she DID say later that I could take him back to our house with Joe and have a "sleepover."

Oh, yeah, a two-year-old and my everything-freak friend are some company.

So Joe went to bed within three seconds, and Ray didn't want to sleep AT ALL. So I was up late with Mr. Where's-My-Mommy yapping at me every second!

This morning was a lot better, though. I got ready for school, shipped Rammundace off to daycare, and now here I am, sitting around, just home from school. I leave for work in twenty minutes. LAME.

I'm eating peanut butter on a bagel (we're out of bread, Jay forgot to go shopping) and listening to the good ole B.o.B off of Kate's iHome. (Don't tell her.) Uh oh. Treasure's home. I'm not supposed to eat in my bedroom. I MUST COVER UP MY TRACKS!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Darn ye!

Might I first add that I have, indeed, not posted in two weeks almost exactly. And I will blame my blasted friend Joey-Joe for this one.

See, I was over Joe's house one day, and he's got a lot of siblings too, and besides, Bridget and Ramon live there too, so it was crowded and really awkward, so I decided I'd just hibernate to his bathroom and yank out my laptop and like, y'know, surf, Facebook, Tweet, MySpace...all those social sites that Cass had to help me set up an account for.

So I guess I fell asleep in there with the curtain around the tub, so nobody saw me. And the next morning, I was still sleeping when Kenna decided to turn the hot water on without looking and start RUNNING A BATH! Blasted thirteen-year-olds...they're all idiots.

As you might have guessed, the water totally fried my laptop. And trust me, I let Kenna know VERY well that she was NOT on my HAPPY PERSON LIST!!!!!

Well, actually, that's not really Joey-Joe's fault. It's Kenna's. And it's also Ruby and Rowan's fault because they were the ones who were annoying the fatoodle out of me and made me go in the bathtub in the first place! And it's also Dell's fault for making not-so-waterproof laptops!

On the bright side, Jamie let me use some of my birthday money to buy THIS laptop, which is blue and not flooded. She almost made me do chores, but I reasoned with her and Treasure, who wanted to make me do chores like the evil soul he is. (REASONED.)

Okay, I have work to attend. Later.