See these are my things DO NOT TOUCH, Phinnias!

Well, this is technically Cass's blog, but I use her account. Cuz I'm lazy and hopeless with social sites. My name's Ricky. I live in New York, no where near where Cass lives. I do know Cass, tho. I'm not a hacker...ever...I wouldn't hack some twelve-year-old girl's account, I'm not evil! Jeez.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hi Guys (And girls)

Hello. My name is Ricky. I am a webkinz lion. Now you wonder, how am I typing this? My owner, Cassidy is typing for me. She has another blog called The World Of Cassidy. This blog is just for fun. I have a twin sister Rita and a ton of other Bros and sis's. I come from a big family. I have a snot brother named Treasure (Corey). He has a nickname. His girlfriend gave it to him. He's the most popular kid at George Washington high school. I go to Kinzville academy middle school. My sister Nikki goes to the Chihuahua school of English and language, C.S.O.E.L. She is from Chihuahua Mexico, her and her sister Molli are adopted. So, then theirs Jamie, fifteen. Bossy, British Jamie. Katie and Kelly are the same animal except Kelly's Lil' kinz. Skippy gives Hypnotism lessons after we get home to me, Nikki, and Kelly. Then there's Dalmi, the gymnast. And Rocky, the perfect. After him is Candy, the backer. Then Pudgy, the clean and Phinnias, the wizard. There's Ashlyn and Arnie and Buddy. And more I can't name.Well, you know my life, how I'm unpopular and how I'm a mess and my best friend is a perfect well-mannered clean freak is my best friend. Wait, I said that! See? I'm an weirdo. Well, see you next time you read this pointless blog. Bye!

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