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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sugar rush!!!!

Halloween rocked! I went with, like, twenty people. Okay, I'll start at the beginning.

I had my costume ready by four thirty. (I went as a leopard :) After I consulted Cass for a while on my costume over the phone, she told me to be careful. I said whatever and told her to have fun.

Every year, Treasure goes TPing over by the park with his friends. Jamie stays home and does door duty with Katie, Skippy, and Dalms. I took Steve, Nikki, Buddy, Rita, and Phinn. Steve was a bottle of mustard; Nikki was a black cat (original); Buddy went as a pirate; Rita went as a mail person; and Phin went as a gangster.


I met up with Joey-Joe and his sister Jill outside their house. They said Miles was staying home to give out candy and then THEY WANTED TO TRICK-OR-TREAT with us!

AH! NO! DON'T you'll embarrass me!

I said fine.

So we did the main street and got loads of candy. We ran into Treasure and his friends on their way home, and Treasure honked Luke's car horn so loud, Phineas dropped his candy in the mud and cried and cried until Treasure and his buddies drove him home.

Rock on.

When we got home, Jamie said she was exhausted and put the little ones to bed, and told me not to eat all my candy. So I popped into the living room, turned on some soap operas, and I didn't eat all the candy.

I totally left three pieces.