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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Halloween is approaching. That means costumes and junk like that. I have a long list of things I might want to be. You guys tell me which one you prefer.

1: A vampire
2: A cow
3: A grape
4: A leopard
5: A swamp monster
6: A dollar bill
7: Abraham Lincoln
8: HR Puffinstuff
9: A bottle of ketchup
10: A cracker
11: A lemon
12: A rock star
13: Homestar
14: Rerun
15: George Harrison
16: A pig
17: George Lopez
18: A skeleton
19: A gorilla
20: Hannah Montana
21: Babe Ruth

Which one does anyone prefer? Leanna laughed at Hannah Montana, and she doesn't want me being a cracker or something stupid. VOTE AHOY


annierama said...

I think you should go as a leopard :D
LIke the idea :D

better days said...

Leopard is so in this year.

ivy's closet said...

Interesting list. Something warm, perhaps. But it depends on just where you are going. Have fun.