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Well, this is technically Cass's blog, but I use her account. Cuz I'm lazy and hopeless with social sites. My name's Ricky. I live in New York, no where near where Cass lives. I do know Cass, tho. I'm not a hacker...ever...I wouldn't hack some twelve-year-old girl's account, I'm not evil! Jeez.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hey, Cass?

Cass has been acting all weird lately, like she's got this big thing going on, and she refuses to tell me. Hey, Cassa! I thought we were friends! Cummon, get back on here, or I swear, I will call the police on you. They will go all the way from New York, missy!

Okay, well, whatever. Has anyone heard from her lately? Like, gotten a phone call or something? She hasn't answered any emails...or the last ten phone calls...OMIGOSH I'M CALLING THE HOSPITAL!!!!!

Alright, I'm not really calling the hospital. But can someone call her or something? (How about you, er, T-MATH or whatever your screen name is?) I'm going to (gulp) read your blog and see if that can give me any hints. Or visit that girl Loulou's blog. She's always talking about her...T-MATH, I'm relying on you to see if she'll answer any phone calls! (I believe I was told your sister is a friend of hers...)

Okay, not THAT much of an emergency.

(I'm calling Cass)
Ten minutes later...
I got her younger sister. Who was seriously iffed at me because she was on the phone with her friend Mellisa or something. Whatever. I'm going over to her blog. See ya.


T-WAC said...

Yes, she seems fine to me.
And yes, she does call here often.
And..... Oh shoot. I told Cassidy that you had commented on my blog, but I couldn't remember what you said.... And I wasn't supposed to....
Doggone it. Sorry about that. But then, she moderates the comments on this blog, so she would see my comment anyway.
Oh well....

Loulou said...

Sorry, but she wont tell me anything either... And of course i didnt tell her you asked me. I know its something she wont talk about, and im sure itll pass. Otherwise I amy consider flying across the pacific just to go knock on her door... I feel bad for her and wish I could help, but since i live somewhere in europe i cant go help her... sorry.

↘Cassidy↙ said...

geez, ricky! did you get the whole darn globe invovled? you went on my links! I. AM. FINE. i told you that. and i don't have time to talk sometimes. and how'd you know about loulou? ugh, you're just annoying.