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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Perfect Synchronization

My girlfriend Leanna came over the other day. We were eating a snack when Treasure came into the room. He was bouncing a rubber ball, one about as big as a fist. He chucked it at me and then we, apparently, did something we were all unconscious of.

I rebounded, flinging it to Jamie, who instantaneously swerved it to me, and I rallied it back to Treasure. Treasure passed off to Rita, who passed it to Miley (housekeeper) who passed it to Nikki. Nikki passed it back to Treasure who was leaving the room, and he caught it.

Leanna's mouth was wide open.

"What?" I asked her.
"What you just did," She said. "That thing with the ball. How did you do that? That was amazing!"

None of us knew what she was talking about. But then we knew.

The ball never stopped moving for a second. We all, without thinking much, swerved the ball around to send it off. It doesn't take anything. It's effortless. We do it as a game, to see how long we can keep momentum going. But nobody had to look up, you can sense it. Nobody stopped the ball until Treasure caught it.

Now that I think about it, we do that all the time. We do it with everything, balls, spoons, apples, cell phones, hakki sacks...anything that's small, really.We keep it moving, and we usually do it without noticing.

Maybe we're supernatural or something, but I think we've just got the best reflexes in the world. We can move in perfect sync with each other, effortless movements. God created us to do these intense things, even keeping an apple moving through thin air.

If you want to know how we do this, here's how:

When it's tossed at us, reflexes kick in. We don't catch it, we kind of curve it. We push it. We redirect it, give it some more momentum. Someone catches it in the end, and the game is over.

Maybe it won't come easy to you, but it comes easy to me. Just practice. It's a simultaneous juggling show. I think it's pretty cool.

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Eeshie said...

I live in New York City too!


*cough, cough* Excuse my awkwardness.

That trick is actually pretty cool...