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Saturday, July 2, 2011


Thank God for Joey-Joe's POOL!

Okay, so, after long debates with Cassidy, there is no way we'll be getting to see each other over the summer. Her family is too busy to have me over and I can't afford to fly. My family is way too lame to have her over and, besides, she'd need car rides or a plane ticket and that ain't happening. Man, I never get to SEE her anymore! Stupid local friends who take up all of her time.

I miss you.

Anyways, summer is okay. About the pool, last night, Joey-Joe's older sister, Tracy, who is the QUEEN of parties, and her boyfriend, Rico, who is the KING of parties, has this awesome party and I got to go because Rita was invited. They've got this wicked awesome pool.

Oh, gosh, I have work in seven minutes! LATER!!!!

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T-WAC said...

I can't dance fo' beans, but I do it anyway.

Partyin' partyin' yeah!


Lookin' forward to the weekend...

I love weekends.