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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ir's happened!

Treasure is now in the state of Kentucky, USA! He's staying in Nirlinia (Nir-lee-nee-ah), my dad's mansion in Corbin. He mailed me,Jamie, Katie, Nikki, and Buddy a postcard. Here's mine:
Dear Ricky,
I am very glad I am away from you. I do not miss you in the least! I am having lots of fun and enjoying not being in your pittiful preasnce. Cold reagard to Rita. Have a bad day ,looser.
Isn't Treasure nice? Real sibbling love. Here's Jamie's:
Dear oh lovely Jamie,
I miss you. I'm sure I'll be home soon. I am safe, happy, clean, and working hard each day. Dad does appriciate my help and will contact you.

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