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Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm bored...of what? School.

Okay, I'm done with school. It's too boring. My report card got me grounded. My most recent note home got my DS taken away. I'm done with it. Let's just give in okay? How about everyone drop the school? Because I'm seriously sick of it.

It's not just the education part, oh no. It's the part with the people. People at school are crazy. First of all, in class, there are all these kids who you don't want to be with. They're like, all, like, "I'm so cool and you're such a dork". It's annoying, trust me. And then there are the teachers! Who have, like, no clue about anything. "Richard, stop talking. When you talk, it makes people not listen. When they aren't listening, the can't hear my boring and on-going lesson about the life cycle of the egg." Aren't teachers a joy?

And then there's the FOOD. School lunches. Let's see what I had today...Some greenish-looking pasta with a bit of white BBQ sauce, and a little bit of pink moldy potatoes with some blackish butter. For desert, I had some enjoyable discolored (meaning a color I can't identify) pumpkin pie that tasted oddly like soup. Yum.

Oh, then there's homework. They load us up with so much work to do in one day that it kills you just to walk out of the building! (And then you throw your backpack at the hobos in the street, who would gladly accept your homework as a meal) Sorry, if any hobos are reading this, but, yeah, I've seen it. So, Jamie, if you're wondering where all my packbacks keep going, I mean, backbacks, I mean, oh! Foo! Forget it! And, yeah, they keep going to Jim, his wife, Zelda, and his six kids, Mary, Martha, Lynn, Phil, Joanne, and Carl, living next to Shaw's Grocery store. (Eh, I don't mean to mention names, but...)

Okay. Gotta do my homework. Like, my English homework. "The fat cat sat on a rat". Eddycatunall. Even the hobos won't take that.

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