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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ahh, let it ALL out!

It's summer! Finally! OMG, I have waited SO long for this! Yeah! I can't wait to just get out there and have me a good school-free summer vacation! This is going to be TOTAL BEST SUMMER EVER. Know why? Because I've got A SKATEBOARD. Yeah. You heard me. Total pure awesomeness in the Rick department, huh? Right? So I'm all geared up for one darn good summer over down here! Hi-yeah! Can't wait. School let out just yesterday, and I was too busy frolicking around in Joey-Joe's yard to notice I have a blog to keep up. Sorry. Yep. Frolicking. We were a bit, say, overjoyed. And we went to the movies in celebration of not-school. I forgot what we went to see, but if I did, I would give you a very avid description of every last molecule and detail of movie. I don't mess around with my movie review. Serious chiz. Serious, I tell you.

So, yeah, I'm pretty good on summer plans. Unfortunately, there's this one flaw in every dang summer I've lived around here. It's the cherry trees. My family has a large selection of those pink blossoms in our yard, and all of us kids have to help out and harvest them up! We just go up in the branches, shake the tree, and Treasure and Jamie and all of the others come with baskets, catching them. Of course, while you're up there, surrounded by cherries, you get hungry, in time, of course. So, I might do a little snacking up there...

That's not the point, here! The point is that I have to devote a third of my summer into harvesting young cherry trees. Oops. G2g. Jamie alert.

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Cool blog! I;m glad I'm following this one too! So which is your other blog that you commented about!?