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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Last night, I was hanging around at Joey-Joe's house, texting Cass (who, by the way, informed me that she won't be coming up here to NY any time soon because she's SO busy with her friends who, like, live there. Pshaw. Stupid locals) and eating their Trader-Joe's-brand food. So Bridget pops in all oh-Ricky, and I knew that there was a problem.

See, guess what? Remember Rammundace? Bridget and Corey's adopted kid? Well, they're going out to some restaurant and then going to a hotel. So here's our conversation.

Bridget: Oh, Ricky, can you do me a big, big favor?
Ricky: Define "big."
Bridget: As in, watch Ramon when me and Treasure leave for the night big.
Ricky: Miley-
Bridget: Miley is on a date with Oatmeal. (NOT REAL NAME, fyi)
Ricky: Jamie-
Bridget: Jamie is watching the rest of your lot.
Ricky: Cassidy-
Ricky: Kay kay fine geez I'll watch your stinkin' kid omigosh you people HATE me don't you?
Bridget: Thanks Rickalot! Later.

So she dumps me with her kid but she DID say later that I could take him back to our house with Joe and have a "sleepover."

Oh, yeah, a two-year-old and my everything-freak friend are some company.

So Joe went to bed within three seconds, and Ray didn't want to sleep AT ALL. So I was up late with Mr. Where's-My-Mommy yapping at me every second!

This morning was a lot better, though. I got ready for school, shipped Rammundace off to daycare, and now here I am, sitting around, just home from school. I leave for work in twenty minutes. LAME.

I'm eating peanut butter on a bagel (we're out of bread, Jay forgot to go shopping) and listening to the good ole B.o.B off of Kate's iHome. (Don't tell her.) Uh oh. Treasure's home. I'm not supposed to eat in my bedroom. I MUST COVER UP MY TRACKS!

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haha shame....must have been ermmm terrible?? Haha sounds like an interesting time:)
great post:)