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Friday, April 8, 2011

Darn ye!

Might I first add that I have, indeed, not posted in two weeks almost exactly. And I will blame my blasted friend Joey-Joe for this one.

See, I was over Joe's house one day, and he's got a lot of siblings too, and besides, Bridget and Ramon live there too, so it was crowded and really awkward, so I decided I'd just hibernate to his bathroom and yank out my laptop and like, y'know, surf, Facebook, Tweet, MySpace...all those social sites that Cass had to help me set up an account for.

So I guess I fell asleep in there with the curtain around the tub, so nobody saw me. And the next morning, I was still sleeping when Kenna decided to turn the hot water on without looking and start RUNNING A BATH! Blasted thirteen-year-olds...they're all idiots.

As you might have guessed, the water totally fried my laptop. And trust me, I let Kenna know VERY well that she was NOT on my HAPPY PERSON LIST!!!!!

Well, actually, that's not really Joey-Joe's fault. It's Kenna's. And it's also Ruby and Rowan's fault because they were the ones who were annoying the fatoodle out of me and made me go in the bathtub in the first place! And it's also Dell's fault for making not-so-waterproof laptops!

On the bright side, Jamie let me use some of my birthday money to buy THIS laptop, which is blue and not flooded. She almost made me do chores, but I reasoned with her and Treasure, who wanted to make me do chores like the evil soul he is. (REASONED.)

Okay, I have work to attend. Later.


Queena Corrina said...

Is Kenna THAT bad??? Wait, backtracking..... YES she is! And such a faker, some one with that blond hair HAS to be a faker. Duh, does she die her hair????

↘Cassidy↙ said...

REASONING?!?! ha ha, that's what you call REASONING? core-bore said you threw a hissy fit.

i can SO picture you jumping up and down, screaming, "I...WANT...THAT...LAPTOP! GIMME NOW!" like some four-year-old brat. you're making me laugh, dude. :D


Hahaha awesome post it made me laugh aha. Hope you still had fun tho! Sounds like a heck of an adventure to me!