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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Schooling: report cards

Okay, I know Cassidy's homeschooled, and so was T-WAC. But you'll just have to listen to me make my comments.

Report cards are either a horror show or a sigh of relief for kids ages 6-17. You practically die with suspense. Did I get a D, a B, or an A in calculus? How about the nightmare known as American History? Let's review some of our cards.

Treasure (or, for you new readers, his name is Corey, we call him that): Treasure goes to college now, but let's see his, oh, every one. Treasure's pretty much straight Bs. Like, ever. Only once did he get an A, in Algebra 1 in eighth grade. (Ooh, not Algebra 1!!!)

Rita: Rita's last report card was a terror. Jame totally flipped her head off when she saw the five Ds and F in Home Ec. This is pretty much her worst year EVER.

Nikki: Nikki goes to private, Hispanic school to help with her and Moll's language. (Hint: they're adopted and, whene they first came here two years ago, didn't know how to speak English) Nikki gets a lot of As, she's pretty smart. Moll gets As and Bs.

D.A.: Dorothy Anabelle (around here is Dalmi, known for love of dalmations, but we'll now say D.A., for sake of now I have readers) got one A, two Bs, one C, one D, and one F. The odds of that happening: Really, REALLY small.

Jamie: Well, Jamie doesn't really GO to school. What self-respecting almost-twenty-year-old girl is going to? True, she could go to college. But I don't see that happening.

Joey-Joe: Must I clarify, Joe is a straight-A genius, a whiz kid, and a brainiac.

Uh, Tim: I'm running out of interesting people. Tim is Joey-Joe's thirteen-year-old brother, in eighth grade. He gets Cs. He's totally averege.

ME: Well, er, my last report card contained: Ds in English, calculus, English AB, and PE, a C in social studies, and a B in chemistry. Who doesn't hate calculus?! In my defence, I take notes on my Iphone, and I was all out of minutes. Grrr.

Cassidy: Cassidy's going back to public school, and I'm willing to bet that she'll get mostly Bs and Cs, because she's failing Algebra, but in everything else, she's not doing as horribly as me.

Well, speaking of school, the homework calls. I have to write a report for English (AB) about the presidants. That sounds SOOOOO exciting. buh-bye


T-WAC said...

The only time I ever got a report card was after I did the California Achivement Test at the end of the year.
But usually I got good results.

T-WAC said...

Oh, and how do you add those tabs on the top? You know, like "home" and "Questions?"
I can't figure it out.