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Well, this is technically Cass's blog, but I use her account. Cuz I'm lazy and hopeless with social sites. My name's Ricky. I live in New York, no where near where Cass lives. I do know Cass, tho. I'm not a hacker...ever...I wouldn't hack some twelve-year-old girl's account, I'm not evil! Jeez.

Friday, February 11, 2011

New blog!

Two posts in a row, don't faint all at once!

Okay, I did some fixing-up to my blog, and it is now titled Welcome to New York! Who doesn't love this? It's a lot better-looking now, too. Do you guys think I should move to another blog or create another one?

It's Vamalumtimes this Monday, and I got Lee a box of candy and some flowers. I hope they don't wilt or anything. (I mean Valentines, you'd have to get the reference from Cassidy's younger sister, Corrina, she'll explain it to you) I love Vamalumtimes, even though Cassidy hates it. Cassa says that she had a weird Valentines day once.

I have to get to work now, I hate Walmart so much. Worst job ever. EVER. Umkay, bye guys! :)

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T-WAC said...

You work at walmart?
I teach karate. I enjoy my job.