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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm sorry, universe

My last post was a bit of an oh-I'm-a-really-moody-teenager-and-the-whole-world-hates-me-so-back-off-I'm-gonna-take-all-my-anger-out-on-you post. Yeah, I probably sounded mean. The truth is, it's okay now that I'm staying home. At least while I'm at home I get to go to work.

Ah, joy.

Yeah, Walmart ain't the crowned jewel, but it's better then trying to get this mop of hair under control. Does it EVER get out of my face? Stupid hair. Once I straighten it to make it less crazy-curly, it falls in my face and blinds me from anything NOT bonfire red. UGH!

My family has the best hair. I think the gorgeous hair fairy skipped me in my family. Jamie's silky, wavy, milk-bottle blond hair, Treasure's looks-great-whatever-you-do-with-it, nearly-blue-it's-so-black hair, even RITA's hair (yes, my own twin sister's hair) is a beautiful strawberry-blond moppet hairdo. Even Phin's brown frazzle-burst of hair is better then whatever the heck this thing is on MY head.

The reason we all look different is because most of us have different mothers. Yeah, family problem, not yours.

You can do anything with Treasure's hair. It's like that one pair of jeans that go with anything. When he was fifteen, it was spiky, choppy, and looked really punk-rock-star. Sixteen, it was smooth and almost Justin Beiber. (Who I find hideous) Last year, fork-in-socket spiked because of his EARRING. Now, it's long, shiny, cool, almost concealing the perfect green eyes.

And then there's me, who sulks for hours because of the stupid hair I got.

My family's all so nice and normal. It's too bad I'm there to ruin it for them.


T-WAC said...

I don't think Justin Beiber is hidious.
He is a doggoned pansie though.
He was on Saturday Night Live with the church lady a while ago, and it was hilarious!

I just put my hair in a ponytail to get it out of my face, and that's pretty much all I can do with it.

↘Cassidy↙ said...

yeah, your last post really made me want to smack your brother :D i probably would tho. you haven't posted in, like, three days. HORROR, ricky hasn't posted!

Coco luv said...

I don't have many hair problems, but i get some of the worst snarls EVER!!!! Yeah, sometimes it seems as though whenever i touch my hair there's another snarl!! Any way, good post!